Scrabble&Friends – Featuring your dog!


Scrabble&Friends – Featuring your dog!



Product Description

We often get asked to create unique versions of our cartoons featuring a picture of your Dog alongside Scrabble. We do commissions, where I get Mike to draw you and your dog in a joke of your choice which we’ll list separately in the shop (they cost £250). but this print is a little more affordable way to get a unique image of your best friend.

Here’s how it works.

  • Send us a few photo’s of your Dog, ideally sitting, but if not then a few shots so that Mike gets an idea of what makes them special.
  • Mike will then draw a cartoon, Mike&Scrabble style of your canine chum and plop them into the Scrabble&Friends image.
  • Then, we’ll make a unique, signed, 30cm x 30cm print on 300gsm watercolour paper, which we can send you so that you can get it framed the way you like it (or I can get Mike to frame it for you HERE)

That’s it! 

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