We recently posted this picture and asked our lovely followers to come up with a caption for it to win a signed copy of our first book.

(Winning entry from Mark Lazenby)

Our talented fans took the bit between their teeth and posted over 80 suggestions, some funny, some sad and some rather obscure. This morning the team here at Mike&Scrabble HQ (Mike, Debbie and Scrabble) went through them to pick a winner, which was a very difficult job.

After a lengthy process, during which Scrabble threw a minor tantrum, we did all agree that we love this one from Mark Lazenby “When does the Pup-up book come out?” and have declared him the winner of our first ever signed book – well done Mark.

We chose this one because it’s just so clever (and we’d love to make a real Pup-up book one day.

However, we also chose a few runners-up – who win nothing but the chance for their witty idea to be immortalised in their own cartoon, so in no particular order here they are :-

(Runner-up Holly Featherstone)

Book it and spayed

This one is clever too – and only marginally missed out to the Pup-up  book – well done Holly.

(Runner-up Nicky Tomlinson)

Remind your human to recreate the book cover by always standing on your right, it helps people tell you apart.

This reference to Ant & Dec made us all giggle – many people confuse us with them.

(Runner-up Martin Allen ‏@martinallen72)

Having received the same book from Scrabble for the last 49 years, Mike doesn’t hold out much hope for his 50th.

Initially, we were worried that Martin was a stalker – because Mike really does turn 50 in a few weeks time, but then we realised he had taken the time to count all the books in the picture and that deserves a runner-up prize at least.

(Runner-up Paul Kitching @helipeek)

Trying to get your human to visit IKEA, occasionally requires a less subtle approach. #billybookcase

This one deserved a special picture with a Billy Bookcase in it, we mainly love it because we currently have too many books and prints strewn over the floor and really should get ourselves a Billy Bookcase (hint. Ikea)

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